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preventative next-gen security solution for schools and municipalities

with absolute privacy and protection

A school security system is an essential to create safety and security, peace of mind and a safe, welcoming environment for all students and staff.

ARHUB alarm security and video surveillance systems for schools
simplify security management and prevent security breach.

alarm system


monitoring and intervention

data analytics

why choose security systems for schools from ARHUB

  • easily scalable with low installation costs

  • remote access streamlines management and visibility across all school buildings

  • data privacy and cyber security

  • flexible pricing plans and free continuous software updates

the benefits of ARHUB security systems for schools

  • minimise risks of theft, break-in and vandalism

  • keep students and staff safe

  • on demand surveillance and intervention 24/7

In order to minimize these risks, you can invest in a school security system that not only prevents from threats occurring but records evidence of wrongdoing to either stop actions from escalating or to be used in criminal proceedings.

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