protecting only when it's needed

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protecting only when it's needed

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AR6000C alarm system

single device that protects entire home and alerts before something unusual happens

ARHUB gateway

Internet gateway, alarm system controlling device, basically, the heart of the security system

ARTAG remote

activates, deactivates alarm and is my assistant when finding the objects


easy access and control of alarm system and informs me only when it's needed

designed for you by people like you

alarm system has been designed and improved over years with the help of our customers to detect only when it's needed

how alarm works

Using unique proprietary technology, ARHUB home security system scans the entire surface of the house and triggers siren, when door or window is opened.

  • analyses all noises in the entire house

  • detects changes caused by an external impact

  • filters out unwanted noise and triggers the siren

  • in 95% of cases, the intruder leaves when hearing the alarm

  • advantages

    protects all rooms

    allows presence of animals

    rate of false alerts

    requires subscription

    simple way to activate and deactivate alarm

    I activate and deactivate alarm with ARHUB app from anywhere

    activation and deactivation from anywhere

    search for ARTAGs, when at home

    tailor-made design

    instant alerts

    secure access

    simple control of alarm and easy access sharing

    ARHUB orchestrates security system and translates it into simple use and instant alerts

    AR6000C alarm system

    Detects presence with precision and sends alerts to smart phone. It also activates alarm when everyone is left and deactivates it when first person entered.


    Simple activation and deactivation of alarm. ARTAG also tells that it is at home and I can ask ARHUB to search for it.

    ARHUB app

    ARHUB is managed with the app for smart phone and over internet anytime anywhere.

    one ARTAG remote control can do 3 things

    the smallest remote control that is fitted with multiple features

    press a button to control alarm

    press a button to activate or deactivate alarm or panic button and ARTAG will follow my command

    find an object

    Attach ARTAG to my key or put it in the wallet, and will never loose them again. Search for ARTAG from the ARHUB app when at home and ARTAG will ring.

    presence detection

    if I forget to set the alarm, no worries, when everyone leaves with ARTAG, alarm activates, when first person is back, alarm deactivates automatically

    always know what is happening at home

    I get alerted if the alarm goes off. I can check with ARHUB App, what is the source of the trigger.

    instant alerts

    receive instant alerts on what is going on at home

    unlimited timeline

    access to the activities log in the ARHUB app and by signing in to my profile on my dashboard

    free ARHUB App

    ARHUB App is available for iPhone and Android absolutely free

    compare security alarm systems

    traditional alarm system

    Detectors placed in the house have blind spots; intruder is detected inside the house.

    AR6000c home security

    The entire area is fully covered; the home system triggers when the intruder is still on the outside and he flees when being detected.

    ARHUB is also accessible online

    available in multiple languages

    free App ARHUB and free online desktop software

    ARHUB App, works with ARHUB, ARTAG and AR6000c alarm system is available for iOS and Android. ARHUB online software is available for remote access free of charge.

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