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changing people’s safety as we know it

the next generation of preventative security alarm systems

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unique technology combined with unique service

alarm system that alerts before something happens with monitoring and intervention on demand

detects before

intelligent sound

control with app
and web

swiss quality
and hosting

as a service

AR6000C Alarm System

The heart of the ARHUB security.
Originally developed for the military use,
designed to protects what you love at any time.

ARHUB Gateway

smart gateway that connects
alarm to the Internet and is
controlled with the App

ARCAM 360° Camera

360° remote rotation,
controlled by the App and equipped
with the talkback feature

NEW: Security Solution as a Service on demand

ARHUB and PROTECTAS joined forces to create the latest on security and privacy:

Every owner of one or more ARHUB systems has now access to a personal security and surveillance service in real-time and on demand.

Learn more about ARHUB and PROTECTAS collaboration and the new cutting-edge technology>


ARHUB is an award-winning Swiss technology company dedicated to designing innovative solutions to protect businesses and individuals while maintaining their privacy. Continuously striving to be pioneers in the industry, ARHUB’s mission is to take a leading role in the preventative safety category to enhance humanity as we know it.

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ARHUB is a disruptive IoT solution! We are proud that in 2021 we received the acknowledgement from the Office for Economic Affairs and Innovation (SPEI) from Canton of Vaud, Switzerland.

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We put customer at a heart of the ARHUB ecosystem. With the focus on the greater experience and the passion for technology, we offer intelligent and innovative security solutions that make you feel safe at any time.