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AR6000C Alarm System

single device, with unique technology, protects the entire home BEFORE intrusion see more

ARHUB Gateway

smart gateway that connects alarm to the internet and is controlled with the App see more

ARCAM 360° Indoor Camera

equipped with 360° remote rotation, two ways talk and local storage see more

ARHUB advantages

experience true connection, security and control

new attitude in security

Confort and simplicity with constant feeling that everything is fine at home. AR6000c alarm detects and informs before something unusual happens.

easy and convenient

ARHUB is easily controlled by the app for smart phone or with the use of computer from anywhere in the world at any time.

quick installation

Installation is virtually invisible and fits into any environment, whether it is a new construction or an existing building.

beta-community designed

ARHUB guarantees the most enjoyable user experience. Products and solutions created with the help of our strong beta-customers community.

privacy protected

ARHUB transmits high encrypted data using secure network solutions. ARCORE independent servers built for ARHUB physically located in Switzerland.


ARHUB is always connected, even if there is a short shortage of internet by using mobile data as a secondary network connection.

ARHUB is an IoT innovative project developed in Switzerland. We’re proud that ARHUB obtained financial support from the Department of Economic Promotion and Innovation (SPEI) of Canton of Vaud, Switzerland and we are very thankful for SPEI team great support!

designed in Switzerland

with passion for safer homes and communities

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Driven by obsession for customer satisfaction and passion for shaping technology, ARHUB creates thoughtful, simple and innovative solutions for peace of mind at all times.

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