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preventative next-gen security solution

with absolute privacy and protection

alarm system

originally developed for military use, this intelligent system protects all rooms and alerts BEFORE anything happens


ensures a constant connection to the Internet and allows to control and monitor the entire ARHUB security system from anywhere


allows to control the ARHUB security system, to receive customised notifications, and to access the events history

how the swiss alarm system works

Using unique proprietary technology, the intelligent ARHUB security system scans ALL ROOMS of the protected building and immediately triggers an alarm, when there is an attempt to open a door or window from the outside.


ARHUB analyses sounds across the entire home, targeting only noises from doors or windows. Normal noises of living, such as from your family or animals, are filtered out, so that you can leave the system activated even if you‘re home.


The system‘s intelligence immediately detects suspicious noises, caused by an attempted intrusion. ARHUB can clearly differentiate between suspicious noises and normal living noises, like opening windows and doors.


Upon detection, the loud siren is triggered, immediately scaring away intruders, before they can enter your home. Simultaneously, notifications are sent out to the users you have specified, such as your family or your neighbours.

I would like to have a demonstration at home and if I like it, I can even protect my home the same day.

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ARHUB intuitive app and platform

easy control from anywhere

control ARHUB with the free ARHUB app or by logging into your profile on the website

receive instant alerts

define the alerts that you and others shall receive: from alarm triggers, to technical alerts, to simply who's at home

always connected

connect ARHUB to the Internet using your Wi-Fi or LAN, and even have mobile network as a backup

easy control from anywhere

control ARHUB security system using free ARHUB app or logging in to your profile on the website

instant alerts

select alerts that you wish to receive from alarm triggers, who is at home to technical alerts and review alerts history

always know what is going on

connect ARHUB to the network using Wi-Fi or LAN and mobile network to ensure that you always get notified

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