ARHUB stands for the combination of precision and simplicity

Our products are made from high-resistant material and designed and developed in Switzerland. Its simple use and communication is a result of hard work and continuous support of our community of users.

data protected in Switzerland

We work only with local hosting companies based in Switzerland, to ensure that your data are safe

beta testers approved

ARHUB products are designed and developed by people like you

certified for quality

ARHUB is TÜV Certified

compare smart home security alarm systems

protects before intrusion home security by ARHUB

The entire area is fully covered; the home system triggers when the intruder is still on the outside and he flees when being detected.

traditional home security

Detectors placed in the house have blind spots; the intruder is detected inside the house.

smart notifications and control home security by ARHUB

multiple choice: app notifications, e-mail

traditional home security

limited choice: notifications are limited to either app notifications or SMS

works when there is no Internet home security by ARHUB

When there is no Internet, ARHUB switches to mobile data network (using mobile network*).

*optional, ask your Installer for the SIM card solution
traditional home security

no Internet, no connectivity, no alerts

easy access, even if there is no smart phone home security by ARHUB

ARHUB comes with the App and with on-line access, so you can control and access to your alarm at any time.

traditional home security

Most of smart home security solutions work only with the App.

guests management home security by ARHUB

Easy access sharing and setting up user profiles: total access, restricted access, 1-day access to one or to several ARHUBs.

traditional home security

Restricted access, in most cases one account is shared between users.

live the future today

The way we see the future that in every house there be a smart device. Major problem be integrating all these solutions. That is why we build ARHUB System to make sure it is mouldable and open, so that we can have endless opportunity in any future high value integration.

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Driven by obsession for customer satisfaction and passion for shaping technology, ARHUB creates thoughtful, simple and innovative solutions for peace of mind at all times.

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