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how it works

Originally designed for military use, ARHUB's intelligence analyses sounds and detects noises and vibrations caused by a tentative intrusion. It then alerts immediately and scares away intruders.


ARHUB analyses sounds across the entire home, targeting only noises from doors or windows. Normal noises of living, such as from your family or animals, are filtered out, so that you can leave the system activated even if you‘re home.


The system‘s intelligence immediately detects suspicious noises, caused by an attempted intrusion. ARHUB can clearly differentiate between suspicious noises and normal living noises, like opening windows and doors.


Upon detection, the loud siren is triggered, immediately scaring away intruders, before they can enter your home. Simultaneously, notifications are sent out to the users you have specified, such as your family or your neighbours.

activation and deactivation from anywhere

receive individual instant notifications

always secure access

alarm system

Conventional alarm systems only alert when intruders are already inside. Plus, motion detectors have blind spots.

total protection

The entire area is covered by the ARHUB. The alarm triggers when the intruder is still on the outside and he flees when being detected.

secure server
in Switzerland

We work with local hosting companies based in Switzerland, to ensure that your data are safe.

beta testers

ARHUB products are designed and developed by people like you

for quality

ARHUB is proud to be TÜV Certified

the ARHUB TÜV Registered Certificate can be found here

compare security systems

conventional alarm ARHUB security system
alerts before something happens no yes
protects all rooms rarely yes
easy use while at home no yes
pets roam free not always yes
rate of false alerts > 95% < 5%
total control from anywhere rarely yes
easy guest management no yes
serious about data security rarely yes
requires subscription yes no
installation time days hours

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