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How do you choose the best security system for your school?

There are many security companies offering security solutions for schools. Choosing one that has extensive experience in designing, installing and maintaining school security systems will be the key to your school’s security success.

Running a school, with hundreds of children, teachers and staff is a huge responsibility, and making them all feel safe on school grounds is required to create a positive learning environment. Not only do you need to think about the above, but you also need to make sure that parents are happy with the security at the school and are aware of why it is there. All of this is not easy to handle.

That is why you need a partner that can provide security solutions for your school and mitigate the risks, whilst also supporting you by creating systems that are budget-friendly, serve their intended purpose and are future proof as your school security systems grow.

When looking at a school security system it must reduce a whole host of threats and offer a simple way in which to manage and operate the system. At ARHUB we only provide high-end school security systems that are easy to operate for the end-user.

A school security system could be a combination of the following: school security alarm systems and school camera systems.

school alarm system

Schools feature a whole host of expensive electrical equipment that is an ideal target for would-be criminals. If a school does not have a robust alarm system in place then it can become an easy target. During school hours unwanted visitors can be quickly identified, however out of hours, when no one is there, what measures are in place to deter and identify criminality? A theft from a school not only causes a financial loss but also stops lessons from taking place and can damage learning.

ARHUB can help you to secure your school from break-ins by implementing preventative next-generation alarm system.

The ARHUB alarm system was originally developed for military use. This intelligent system protects all rooms and alerts before an intruder can gain access to the facilities. The ARHUB gateway ensures a constant connection to the internet and allows to control and monitor the entire ARHUB security system from anywhere. You can also connect it directly to any certified security company in order to have 24/7 monitoring and human intervention is case on an intrusion attempt.

Using unique proprietary technology, the intelligent ARHUB security system scans ALL ROOMS of your school and immediately triggers an alarm, when there is an attempt to open a door or window from the outside. ARHUB analyses sounds across the entire school, targeting only noises from doors or windows. The system‘s intelligence immediately detects suspicious noises, caused by an attempted intrusion. Upon detection, the loud siren is triggered, immediately scaring away intruders, before they can enter your school. Simultaneously, notifications are sent out to the users you have specified, as well as to a third party security company that will intervene based on the agreed upon protocols.

school surveillance systems

A school camera system is a popular choice when it comes to looking at a school security solution. Given its ability to replace a human security guard and that it is available 24 hours a day they perform a multitude of functions for your school.

Schools have a responsibility to keep students, teachers and staff are safe.

The benefits of using a school camera system:

  • The ability to control and monitor the movement of people around your school grounds, and also monitor any unwanted visitors as they move around the school grounds

  • The ability to monitor the entire school grounds from one central control room, giving you the ability to see 360 degrees

  • Deterrent of crime and anti-social behavior with the deterrent that the footage is being watched/recorded and that they will be identified, caught and reprimanded

  • Collection of evidence that can be used for evidential purposes

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