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ARHUB is designed for full integration with other platforms

thanks to its agile architecture and powerful ARCORE server platform, ARHUB technology can be integrated with your sensors to transform them to connected devices

integrate quickly

there is no need to build in-house IoT solution when you can use ARHUB platform

access to your sensors

give your users access to your smart sensors, devices, and brands, within short timeframe and controlled budget

use powerful platform

ARHUB and ARCORE fully integrated ecosystem simplifies building your Internet of Things (IoT) solutions to power world of connected sensors and devices


ARHUB is designed to perceive the existing connectivity environment and take actions by choosing the available data network to reach the ultimate goal - to STAY ON AIR, always!

agile secure server

data security, hosted on the server, physically located in Switzerland

works with wired or wireless solution

digital inputs and outputs (0 to 30V), Bluetooth integrated

beta community approved

we use the proprietary technology and the front-end designed and developed by users

engage in direct contact with users

receive straightforward user's feedback on your product or solution

improve user experience

adapt to consumer's needs and build a sustainable solution

ARHUB Certifications

first class quality certifications

certificate management and security solutions

Standard X.509 certificate
Symmetric 256-bit encryption
RSA public-key (supports hash functions 256,384,512)

the independent experts stand for greater quality and safety for people, the environment and technology

CE Certified

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