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welcome to the ARHUB-center

Hello. My name is Natalya. I am Founder and CEO of the ARHUB. On this page, I will guide you through the Apps and platform built for you, so you can have the utmost experience with the ARHUB systems. Our Apps and platforms are designed in the close collaboration with our beta-testing community, people like you.

let's begin...


works with

ARHUB gateway

Internet gateway, alarm system controlling device, basically, the heart of the security system

AR6000C alarm system

the unique security system that protects all rooms and triggers siren BEFORE something happens

ARHUB App main features

intelligent security system

thanks to the ARHUB platform and the App, I can control my place at any time and also activate or deactivate the alarm system from anywhere


this innovative Swiss alarm system sends me only important messages either on my smartphone or by e-mail

of events

in the ARHUB application and on my profile in the browser, I can access to the unlimited timeline of the events and check all past activities

intuitive ARHUB platform

In case my smartphone is turned off I access to the ARHUB security system using the Internet browser.

ARHUB platform main features

easy control of the security system

activate or deactivate ARHUB anti-intrusion system from anywhere or see what's going on via the ARHUB platform at any time


invite and share access with my friends and family; or define the access period, in case it is a cleaning lady or a visiting friend

of events

access to the unlimited timeline of the events under the history of events

ARCAM PRO Camera App

works with

ARCAM 360° Indoor Camera

360° rotation from the smartphone; bi-directional audio; up to 10 meters detection range; detection on movement and instant alerts

ARCAM Outdoor Dome

high quality water resistant, vandal proof surveillance camera; excellent quality of night vision; up to 30 meters detection range; best for horisontal mounting, such as roof top

ARCAM Outdoor Bullet

high quality lens and water proof surveillance camera; excellent quality of night vision; up to 30 meters detection range; best for vertical mount, such as building corner

ARCAM PRO Camera App main features

live video access day and night 24/7

instant alerts on the movement detection

free recordings on memory card or on my NAS server

definition of the surveillance areas

recordings and alerts on motion detection

ARCAM PRO Config Tool

ARCAM PRO Config tool is for advanced configuration and easy set up of ARCAM Cameras using computer. For the advanced configuration (ARCAM PRO Config Tool), download tools below.


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We put customer at a heart of the ARHUB ecosystem. With the focus on the greater experience and the passion for technology, we offer intelligent and innovative security solutions that make you feel safe at any time.