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ARHUB partner programme case study

ARHUB's next generation preventive security solution designed to help homes and businesses feel safe at any time. With the ARHUB Partner Program, installers gain access to the integrity of ARHUB Academy resources, dedicated technical support, product training, sales and marketing tools.

company: Guy Gaudard SA
products: ARHUB alarm system, ARCAM cameras

Guy Gaudard SA joined the program when it was launched in 2020. Guy Gaudard SA is an electrical company based in Lausanne, Switzerland, which celebrate its 30th anniversary on March 1, 2021. The company's expertise covers electrical installation, project studies, troubleshooting, home automation, solar energy, electrical terminals, surveillance and alarm systems.

We spoke with Aurore Gaudard, the company's director, to understand how the program has helped her business and her clients.

How do you find the ARHUB partner program so far?

We are extremely satisfied with the partner program provided by our partner ARHUB. Our installers have had a very detailed theoretical part in order to fully understand the functioning of the products, followed by an on-site assistance by the ARHUB team. This allows our employees to feel confident and to ensure a quality of installation in line with the customer's expectations. Some alarm systems installations require specific support and our partner is always available to answer our questions.

Why did you join the ARHUB partner program?

We decided to join this program because it was an opportunity to offer quality services in the field of alarms and video surveillance. It allowed us to diversify our services. We were particularly impressed with the levels of technical expertise and the strong commitment to quality. Guy Gaudard SA and our partner ARHUB share the same values and put the satisfaction of our customers at the center of our concerns. We also find it important that the hardware and software is developed entirely in Switzerland as well as the data storage. There is a constant development of the products and a willingness to stay on the cutting edge of technology at all times. We also like the fact that everything is structured and that there are clear and well defined processes for all installations.

What is your experience with the installation of ARHUB products?

We choose ARHUB products for their simplicity of installation and their reliability. They are also compatible with home automation systems which allows us to have a complete management of the electrical installation and security. The customer can have on his phone or tablet the complete control of these installations while guaranteeing the security of his home. Our installers find that the products are simple and quick to install.

What was your client's experience?

They appreciate the fact that they can continue to live in their homes without being disturbed. The ARHUB application is intuitive and allows for remote control, giving our customers independence in managing their system. They also appreciate the flexibility it offers them, they have the possibility to give accesses determined at a certain time slot (e.g. Monday at 10am when the cleaning lady comes). By adding a few cameras, the client can monitor what is going on in his home at all times, which is very reassuring. The system can be adapted to all types of customers needs.

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