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Monitoring and intervention on demand
by a professional company

Frequently Asked Questions

Without professional monitoring, if someone enters, there’s no guarantee emergency personnel will be alerted. Self monitoring with camera recordings makes you do all the work - but what if you’re away, on holidays or busy? Or you don’t hear the phone?

With ARHUB professional monitoring, in collaboration with Protectas in Switzerland, we’ll alert the professional intervention the moment there’s trouble.

What is included in the services?
The services include professional monitoring and intervention by PROTECTAS.

How can I subscribe for this service?
Access to your ARHUB platform by clicking on LOGIN above. Fill in the form with the information needed for the professional monitoring and intervention team, select duration and click subscribe. It is as simple as that!

What happens when I subscribe for the service?
The moment subscription is confirmed, PROTECTAS Monitoring services and Intervention team closest to you is notified. During the monitoring period, if alarm is triggered, the professional monitoring service will call to upto 3 numbers. In case of absence of responce, or wrong secret identifier provided, the intervention team will be immediately sent on site.

Is this service available in my region?
For now, this service is available in most of locations in Switzerland. Check through ARHUB platform if this service is available in your region.

What is the duration of the subscription?
This service is on demand. Which means that the duration can be as minimum as 3 days. It can then be renewed at any time. There are no monthly fees for this service.

What is the price for these services?
Daily subscription varies from CHF 4.5- to CHF 12.- per day depending on number of days chosen. In case of professional invervention be present on site, it costs CHF 150.- (plus VAT) per visit (including 30 minunites on site.) In case intervention stays longer than 30 munites, the cost is CHF 1.20 per aditional minute on site.

Is there a monthly fee?
Nope! This service is on demand and will end at the time when you stop using it.

Am I eligible for these services?
Every ARHUB user is eligible for these services. Check the status if these services are available in your region using ARHUB platform.

What forms of payments are accepted for Monitoring and Intervention on demand?
ARHUB accepts credit card payments through ARHUB platform.

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