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ARHUB βeta testing programme

frequently asked questions

What is the ARHUB Beta Testing Programme?

ARHUB βeta Testing Programme is designed for testing the developed softwares and firmwares of the pre-released software and pre-released products. By becoming a member you will be able to drive test products, vote for new features, recommend new features and have access to the forum, restricted to beta testers only. Please note that since this is the public beta software has not been commercially released by ARHUB or Security Alarms & Co., it may contain errors or innacuracies and may not function as well as may not be commercially released software.

How do I provide my feedback to ARHUB?

As a member you will have access to the beta testers Feedback Assistant interface with use cases described where you can test drive new features and leave your feedback.

Who can participate?

The ARHUB βeta Testing Programme is open to anyone, who has got the ARHUB product. In case of new product releases, ARHUB βeta Testing Programme has got limited number of testers.

Do I have to pay a fee to join the program or pay for software?

No. Both the ARHUB beta programme and software are free.

What kind of compensation do I receive for testing?

This program is voluntary, and there is no compensation for your participation.

Am I entitled for special conditions on new products?

Yes. In case of new products release you are entitled for special conditions for new products, which is available for beta testers members only.

Are the public ARHUB beta software and firmware confidential?

Yes. The public beta software and firmware are confidential. Do not share or install the system on the products that you do not directly control. Don’t blog, post screen shots, publish any information on social media or any kind of publicly available domains and do not demonstrate product and software, exchange information with others who are not members of the ARHUB βeta Testing Programme. If ARHUB or Security Alarms & Co. publicly announced features, specificications, this information is no longer confidential.

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Will installing beta software void my warranty?

No, installing the public beta software does not void your hardware warranty.

How do I participate at the ARHUB Beta Testing Programme?

Send us an email, marking in comments "ARHUB BETA" and the products you are interested in participating.

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How do I leave the ARHUB Beta Testing Programme?

To leave the programme, visit the unenroll page and follow the instructions to remove your profile and products from the ARHUB Beta Testing Programme.

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