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online video appointment

Hello. My name is Gabriel. To be more flexible and be there for you when you need it, we created the online video appointment platform.

Schedule the online video
appointment here

What is the online video appointment?

It works the same way as meeting with one of our specialists.
Instead of someone coming to you, an ARHUB expert will advise you via live chat.

During this video chat, we will explain how the ARHUB security solution works. Our expert will show you what it takes for ARHUB to protect your property.

At the end of the online video consultation, you will receive a personal offer for the installation of the ARHUB security system.

How does online video
appointment work?

1. Make an appointment and book an expert online.

2. You will receive a confirmation for an online appointment with an ARHUB expert.

3. On the scheduled date, the ARHUB expert will be on the other line to discuss your needs and answer all your questions.

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Got it!
We put customer at a heart of the ARHUB ecosystem. With the focus on the greater experience and the passion for technology, we offer intelligent and innovative security solutions that make you feel safe at any time.

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