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ARHUB security support

functions & features

ARHUB home security alarm system has a number of useful features designed by people like you.

precision in detection
ARHUB home security alarm system uses unique proprietary technology with guaranteed low rate of false alarms and detection before the break-in.

data secured in Switzerland
The information is safely stored on the ARCORE server located in Switzerland.

simple way to activate and deactivate ARHUB home security alarm from anywhere
With a simple tap on the ARHUB App alarm immediately responds to your command.
receive instant alerts on what's happening at home
Customisable alerts received immediately, when something happens.

easy access sharing
Decide what to share (alarm control, history of alerts, settings) and when: (always, temporarily).

guarantees 24/7 connectivity
When there is an Internet interruption, ARHUB switches to the mobile network. For this feature, you would require to purchase a subrscription plan for ARHUB Smart SIM solution.

control ARHUB home security from dashboard
What if you don't have a smart phone with you? You can always control your ARHUB alarm from the ARHUB web page.

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