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the intelligent
swiss alarm system 
alerts before something happens

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full protection with a single device
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detects before

intelligent sound

control with app
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swiss quality and protection

alerts before something happens

alarm system

Conventional alarm systems only alert when intruders are already inside. Plus, motion detectors have blind spots.

total protection

The entire area is covered by the ARHUB. The alarm triggers when the intruder is still on the outside and he flees when being detected.

AR6000C Alarm System

The heart of the ARHUB security.
Originally developed for the military use, designed to
protects what you love at any time.

ARHUB Gateway

smart gateway that connects
alarm to the Internet and is
controlled with the App

ARCAM 360° Camera

360° remote rotation,
controlled by the App and equipped
with the talkback feature

ARHUB - my security partner

what people say...

I feel more confident and safe when the alarm system is turned on. It is very impressive how it detects the unusual noises and triggers only when it's needed.

Simon B.

It's a big game-changer that everything is digitalised. The system is much more flexible compared to the traditional alarm system. The installation was fast and very professional.

Mark R.

The alarm system is very logical and is not complicated and I got confidence in its use very quickly. You can also have it running while you are at home and it does not detect my pets.

Anna A.

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ARHUB is a disruptive IoT solution! We are proud that in 2018 we received the acknowledgement from the Office for Economic Affairs and Innovation (SPEI) from Canton of Vaud, Switzerland.

developed in Switzerland

with passion for safer homes, businesses and communities

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We put customer at a heart of the ARHUB ecosystem. With the focus on the greater experience and the passion for technology, we offer intelligent and innovative security solutions that make you feel safe at any time.