driven by obsession for customer's satisfaction and passion for shaping technology

we create thoughtful, simple and innovative solutions for peace of mind at all times

challenging the Status Quo

AR6000C alarm system

single device, using proprietary technology, covers the entire home and detects before intrusion happens

ARHUB gateway

is equipped with a number of connection means to ensure that you are always alerted. Secure server is physically located in Bern, so the data are stored in Switzerland and not shared.


with excellent quality at no extra storage costs

MacGyver spirit

We are a small team, that dreams big!

ARHUB is a “spin off” start-up

of a family-run business Security Alarms & Co. started off the garage located in Etoy, Switzerland

used by homes, offices and schools

our products are now known on the market as being solid, secure and innovative

supported by Swiss Department of Economic Promotion and Innovation

Canton of Vaud, Switzerland grant a financial support for the projects development

we are back to drawing board back in 2016

Based on our experience and strong community of supporters, making ideas and dreams come true. We designed and launched ARCAMs, ARHUB, which are now shaping up the future of smart home security.

And it is not over yet!

Our mission is to continue bringing thoughtful, simple and innovative solutions for peace of mind at all times. We are already working on a number of new products, which we will be excited to launch in a nearest future.

How did we do it?

βeta testers community

Thanks to you! Our beta testers. You helped us a great deal with functions and features, reporting bugs, testing products, requesting modifications on the app and dashboard, so it is easier for you to use. The beta program has been a great success, and we invite you to join us to the beta testing community, so you will be the first to receive the released products.

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Driven by obsession for customer satisfaction and passion for shaping technology, ARHUB creates thoughtful, simple and innovative solutions for peace of mind at all times.

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