Be safe. Feel safe.

driven by obsession for customer's satisfaction and passion for shaping technology

we create thoughtful, simple and innovative solutions for peace of mind at all times

we constantly challenge the Status Quo

Swiss made intelligent alarm system

the unique security system that protects all rooms and triggers siren BEFORE something happens

ARHUB gateway

smart gateway that connects alarm to the Internet and is controlled with the App

and many other products...

MacGyver spirit

We are a small team from Préverenges, Switzerland that has big plans and dreams!

We are a start-up

ARHUB is a spin-off of the long-standing, family-run company Security Alarms & Co. As a small branch of this traditional company, we actually started in a garage in the Canton of Vaud.

used by apartments, houses, offices, warehouses, communities and schools

Our products are now known on the international market as solid, safe and innovative. We are currently active in Switzerland, France, Germany and Austria.

backed up by Canton of Vaud

In 2018 ARHUB received the Grant from the Office for Economic Affairs and Innovation of Canton of Vaud, Switzerland, which we are very grateful and proud of!

ARHUB is accelerating

Started in 1989 with the fresh start in 2015. Since 2016 we developed many new security products. Based on the valuable experience of our company and thanks to a strong community of customers and beta-testers, we can fulfil more and more dreams and ideas. The ARCAM cameras and ARHUB have been developed and launched on the market in 2019. These self-learning high-tech products are now shaping the future of the international security market.

And this is just the beginning!

Our mantra is to bring thoughtful, secure and innovative solutions for peace of mind at all times. We are constantly working on a number of new solutions, which we will be excited to launch in a nearest future. Be inspired!

one of our "secret weapons"

βeta testers community

Thanks to you! Our beta testers. You helped us a great deal with functions and features, reporting bugs, testing products, requesting modifications on the app and platform, so it is easier for you to use. The beta program has been a great success, and we invite you to join us to the beta testing community, so you will be the first to receive the released products and have special benefits.

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We put customer at a heart of the ARHUB ecosystem. With the focus on the greater experience and the passion for technology, we offer intelligent and innovative security solutions that make you feel safe at any time.

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