simplified smart homes security solution for builders and developers

since the beginning, ARHUB Home Security Solution has been designed for bringing the simplified and efficient solution for homes

from the planning and deploying, an ARHUB Smart Home is simple to install and more profitable than a conventional home security solution

8 reasons why builders and developers love ARHUB

ARHUB home security solution is different from traditional alarm system

stand out in a crowded market

latest innovative Swiss technology, it does what is required - protects home before something unusual happens

all-in-one home security solution

free software and app, ARHUB satisfies all requirements for smart home security solutions

no wiring and simple installation

simple installation, a single device can protect the home with over 150 sq. meters over several floors

plan in a very short time

installation planning made easier with ARHUB security system customisable for almost any size of homes

work with all installation partners

we work with your existing contractor or integrator to ensure the product is delivered as per Swiss standards

installation training and ad-hoc support

we support you from A to Z from planning, installation and full project delivery

ready for delivery in short terms

ARHUB Security System is ready for delivery respecting very short deadlines

make more money on every installation

ARHUB significantly saves installation time and extra labour costs


homeowners are looking for qualified smart home security installers


of homeowners seek a professionally installed security system over a DIY solution


of homeowners prefer smart home security solution over traditional security alarm system


of homeowners choose to install ARHUB home security system


ARHUB Builder Programme

upto 50% discount on your ARHUB equipment

full planning and on time delivery of your project

free ARHUB installation training courses

official certification as an ARHUB installer


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Driven by obsession for customer satisfaction and passion for shaping technology, ARHUB creates thoughtful, simple and innovative solutions for peace of mind at all times.

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